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Our signature Xpress Fluency course takes a completely unique approach at teaching you how to read from the Quran consistently and without mistakes.

Taqleed is the art of imitating professional reciters. Although it is usually only used in copying melody, we teach you to imitate and apply many different aspects of a professional reciter's style so that you can improve your own recitation.

Level 2
Xpress Pronunciation

We are currently developing a special method based on speech therapy techniques to teach the correct articulation of letters whilst continuing to support you to recite more fluently. Coming soon!

Level 5
Coming Soon

We are currently developing a course on advanced tajweed that we will be releasing soon!

Whilst tajweed rules can be complicated, we teach the core rules of tajweed in a way that is very easy to understand. We then support you to correctly and consistently apply the rules you have learned.

Based on the qualities of letters and signs in recitation, this highly advanced course polishes your recitation to sound professional and close to perfect. It takes highly theoretical elements of the science of recitation and makes them practical.

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