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The Xpress Quran Institute was originally called the Xpress Fluency Quran Institute due to our signature Xpress Fluency course. The methodology we developed was so unique, that we felt we simply had to share it with the world. We felt that if our methods can help people learn more quickly to recite the Quran, it is our duty to teach them. Over time, we developed more unique courses and rebranded to the Xpress Quran Institute. Today, we spend most of the free time we have helping others fall in love with the Quran through recitation - just like we did.


About The Founder

Mohammedkazim Kanji has been a teacher of Quran recitation and tajweed for eight years. After completing his own tajweed studies, he went on to enter and win the Islamic Centre of England tarteel competition in both the under 15 and the adults categories. Since then he has been privately tutoring students of all ages. Mohammedkazim has an ijazah qualification from Egypt with a strong chain (sanad), studying under Sheilkh Essam Bayoumi, who studied under the great Sheikh Abdul Fattah Bayoumi.

Our Female Teacher

Hasina Kanji has been teaching students how to recite the Quran for over 30 years. A highly experienced teacher who has completed both tajweed levels 1 and 2, her success with some of her students has meant she has taught entire families across multiple generations. She has also trained up and is a qualified teacher of the Xpress Fluency course.


Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) 

" Recite the Quran in such a way that your hearts develop a love for it "




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