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The Xpress Quran Institute exists for one reason. We founded a methodology for teaching individuals how to recite the Holy Quran in a way that they will never have experienced before. In the words of one of our students:

“I honestly feel stunned. Having a methodology to follow has allowed me to be confident that I am reciting properly, and by following the formula I have discovered the natural melody that is present in the verses – which has blown me away. My relationship with the Quran will never be the same.”

We know we have the potential to completely change how the next generation experiences the Holy Quran. And the one after that. And the one after that. Anyone who joins our team will be part of that movement. Whether you are interested in becoming a teacher or supporting the growth of the Institute, you will be directly or indirectly transforming the relationship our future students have with the Holy Quran. For us, that is one of the most worthwhile causes we can invest our time and effort into.

Our current vacancies are listed below.



We are looking for an intern to join our team part-time (3-6 hours a week) for 3 months (mid-January to mid-April). As an intern, you will be working closely with the Director across five different business areas to support the Institute’s growth strategy.


  1. Exposure and experience to different business areas, including strategy, operations, finance, HR, and sales.

  2. Opportunity to manage distinct workstreams to showcase on your CV and a reference letter at the end of your internship.

  3. A full 100% discount on any Xpress Quran course of your choice, learning directly under the Director.

At this point in time, we are unable to offer any monetary compensation to our interns but hope that the above benefits make this a compelling opportunity. 


You will be working 3-6 hours a week, completing the responsibilities below. You will work closely with and be coached by the Director throughout your internship:

  • Strategy: project management of the growth strategy (you will learn to do this according to Agile Project Management methods).

  • Operations: developing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for teachers to follow when managing their courses.

  • Finance: developing a financial dashboard for the Institute, including monthly financial reporting (you will learn Google Sheets formulas and basic rules for all types of financial modelling).

  • HR: redeveloping and improving our recruitment process for new teachers.

  • Sales: developing sales presentations to pitch to community and organisation leaders as part of our partnership model.


Essential requirements:

  • You are very reliable and committed, able to meet deadlines consistently and fulfil your responsibilities.

  • You have excellent organisational skills, able to manage your time effectively and keep the team on track.

  • You possess excellent writing and comprehension skills, able to understand new topics quickly and articulate them clearly in both a professional and an informal way.

  • You are a solution-focused self-starter, able to creatively solve problems with no obvious answer, thinking both logically and creatively and not giving up easily.

  • You have good visual and oral presentation skills.

Desired but not essential:

  • You are comfortable with basic Excel skills and able to quickly learn and use new formulas.

  • You are able to work on Friday afternoons or Friday evenings in central London every two weeks.

  • You have a strong relationship with the Holy Quran and have a passion to help others fall in love with it.


Deadline for applications: 3rd January 2024

Interviews: 6th and 7th January 2024

Please email your CV to and include in the body of your email, your response to the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to work for the Xpress Quran Institute?

  2. Tell me about a time when you were juggling multiple responsibilities. How were you able to meet all your responsibilities to a high standard? (100-200 words)

  3. Write an email to Muhammad, the head of a Muslim Youth Organisation, to persuade him to consider meeting with the Xpress Quran Institute for a potential partnership (100-200 words).

  4. We need to design a 2 hour workshop that we can offer a group of people from Muhammad’s organisation for free, with the hope that it will convince him to partner with us. The workshop cannot be a taster class for one of our courses. Pitch your idea in 100-200 words.



Above all, we are seeking a candidate with four core qualities:

  1. A strong love for the Holy Quran and a passion to spread that love and positive energy to others. We are looking for someone who wants to spend their time in the service of the Holy Quran.

  2. Trust. It is important that our teachers are honest in their work and reliable individuals that both we and the students can count on to deliver the highest quality of teaching.

  3. Very good recitation skills, with excellent pronunciation and consistency in the basic tajweed rules (such as ghunna, ikhfa, etc).

  4. Presentation and facilitation skills. Teachers need to be able to break down complex concepts and teach them in a simple but also practical way.


  • Excellent class organisation and administration skills

  • Patient and encouraging approach to teaching

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Basic ability to write Arabic words


In addition to delivering our courses, the teacher will also be expected to manage their own classes, including sending homework, reminders, managing absence. They will also have short debriefs with us to check in on how their classes are going. Teachers will not be expected to produce their own content and lesson plans. These will be provided. 



Pay: £14 per hour of teaching
Hours: 1-4 hours per week (ideally weekends).
Location: remote
Equipment: the teacher will be required to use their own computer
Promotion: opportunities for progression are available


In addition to the pay, we will provide a comprehensive teacher training programme free of charge. At full price, this programme is worth £300. Furthermore, we also offer opportunities for teachers to improve their recitation further.


To apply for this role, please contact us on WhatsApp by clicking here or by scanning the QR code below.

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