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This course made reading Quran much easier as it demonstrated ways on how to break down the way to recite Quran "

What makes this course unique?


The information on this page is regarding our signature Xpress Fluency course. Information on other courses can be found here.


Why shouldn't learning to recite the Quran fluently be fun, interactive and engaging? The Xpress Fluency course is designed to do just that and help you become fluent in only 12 sessions! How, you ask?


  • In many Quran recitation classes students simply read passages and have their mistakes corrected. Rather than expecting you to recite from the first session, we teach you to identify, diagnose and self-correct your mistakes so that you never need someone else to correct you after this course.

  • We believe that learning to recite the Quran should never feel boring. That is why we have a variety of challenges and games in our course that make the process of learning a lot more exciting, intellectually stimulating and fun!

  • Our teaching style is designed according to how the brain learns. Our new methods are founded on concepts in modern psychology such as neuroplasticity to help students ensure that they consistently recite without making any mistakes.​​

  • We find that word-by-word methods used in traditional courses do not effectively eradicate fluency mistakes. Instead, we break down the phonetic properties of recitation into soundbites that are very easy to understand and learn. This means you can become a good reciter in no time!

Course structure


The course is split into two, equal parts of six sessions:

Part 1 focuses on identifying and breaking down bad habits and learning new techniques to become fluent in recitation. Once these foundational techniques have been learned, the implementation process is broken down into steps. Each session builds on the previous week and by the end of the sixth session, the basics of correct, fluent recitation are completed.

Part 2 then focuses on solidifying the techniques learned in the previous part so that these new methods of reciting become a well-established habit that is not forgotten in future. Some core tajweed rules are also introduced. These are taught within the framework of the phonetic techniques learned in part 1 and will help bridge the gap between basic fluency and advanced tajweed. By the end of the 12th session students will be able to recite without fluency errors.

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